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Scoring Darts

How to Score Darts

Your dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, which score from 1 to 20 points. Circular wires within the outer wire subdivide each section into single, double and triple areas.

Any dart landing inside the outer wire scores as follows:

  • Hitting one of the large portions of each of the numbered sections scores the points value of that section.
  • Hitting the thin inner portions of these sections, about halfway between the outer wire and the central circle coloured red and green, scores triple the points value of that section.
  • Hitting the thin outer portions of these sections, again coloured red or green, scores double the points value of that section. The double-20 is often referred to as double-top, reflecting the 20's position on the dartboard.
  • The central circle is divided into a green outer ring worth 25 points (known as "outer", "outer bull", or "iris") and a red or black inner circle (usually known as "bull", "inner bull" or "double bull"), worth 50 points. The term "bullseye" can mean either the whole central part of the board or just the inner red/black section. The term "bull's ring" usually means just the green outer ring. The inner bull counts as a double when doubling in or out.
  • Hitting outside the outer wire scores nothing.
  • Any dart that does not remain in the board until it is collected by the player (for example, a dart that hits a wire and bounces out of the board or drops out with the impact of a later throw) also scores nothing; exception should be noted if play is on any electronic board: darts falling out are counted.
  • A dart only scores if its point is embedded in or is touching the playing surface. A dart that hits the board side on or at an angle but does not fall off because it is held in place by two other darts, for example, will score either equal to where its point touches or not at all.

The highest score possible with three darts is 180 (scored when all three darts land in the triple 20).

Dartboard and Oche Set Up

The dartboard should be hung so that the bullseye is 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) from the floor, eye-level for a 6-foot (180 cm) person.

The oche (the line behind which the throwing player must stand) is generally 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (236.86 cm) from the face of the dartboard measured horizontally.

Keeping track of scores

Scoring is easy with the Score Darts app for iOS and Android. Play up to 4 player darts or challenge the clever SmartBot who analyses your recent performance to give you a good contest every time. Keep track of all your averages and stats with detailed player profiles.

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